November in Nashville

Last fall I got to meet this sweet family, and I was so happy to see them again this year. This little guy is growing bigger, smarter, and more fun! He was a trooper to brave the chilly, early morning November weather, and we found some great fall colors!

IMG_4165 web

Sweet, sweet, sweet...

IMG_4245 web

IMG_4359 web

IMG_4389 web We had such a fun time hanging out and telling jokes. 5 year old boys are pretty great!


Fall Colors Are Finally Here!

Finally! I've been looking for it for over a month, and I thought we just weren't going to get it this year in Nashville. But here it is! Fall color! This morning I got to hang out with some new friends, and we found lots of bright fall colors. It was a chilly morning, but we had so much fun telling knock-knock jokes and singing silly songs. I even learned some new knock-knock jokes, and trust me, they are GOOD ones!
  IMG_4710 web

IMG_4587 web

IMG_4552 web

IMG_4666 web

IMG_4754 web

IMG_4774 web

IMG_4804 web A big thanks to the beautiful P Family for putting up with my crazy songs and not-so-funny jokes (the 4 year old thought they were funny, though...). And happy fall...Finally!

T Family Mini-Session

A quick peek for this beautiful family of 5 (soon to be 6!!!) who came out for a mini-session this fall...
   IMG_3234 web

Three sweet girls...waiting for Baby #4 (maybe another sister? maybe a brother this time??) to join them soon!

IMG_3294 web

IMG_3343 web

Gracious. If I were half as photogenic as they are, I would have my picture taken every day!

IMG_3555 web


Home, Sweet Home

Earlier this year this beautiful family moved in to their new home. I love this family, and I am so happy to see them settling in to their amazing, historic, full-of-character home. They wanted some pictures taken of the whole crew on their beautiful property (which is huge!), so here they are. I don't normally post so many pictures on a blog preview, but this sweet friend, who is the very personification of patience, has been waiting a long time to see these pictures, so she deserves a big old giant preview:

IMG_0889 web IMG_0541 web IMG_0719 web IMG_0732 web2 IMG_0525 web IMG_0604 web IMG_0855 web IMG_0961 web IMG_0360 web IMG_0321 web IMG_0417 web


October Mini-Sessions

It's been a busy October! I've put many more pictures on Facebook lately, but here's one of my non-Facebook families, who also happen to be some of my very favorite people in the whole world....

IMG_2141 web

2119 web

These are some seriously pretty girls. I mean pretty, pretty, pretty girls. And so full of 3 very different personalities!

IMG_2263 web

IMG_2388 web

2079 2080 2125 web


Summer Days

We've been trying to do this photo shoot for probably 2 months now. When there are 5 kids involved (2 of hers, 3 of mine), hot and humid summer weather, and lots of schedules to coordinate, sometimes it just takes a while to pull it off. Today I had a sick baby and it rained, so we almost had to reschedule again. I'm so glad it all came together, though. We ended up with perfect weather (wet grass, but perfect weather...) and 2 perfectly well behaved little boys!

Look how perfectly still those boys are sitting!
  IMG_7644 web

IMG_7774 web

IMG_7790 web

IMG_7922 web

Nothing says summer like little boys and muddy feet...

IMG_7765 web

IMG_7693 web

IMG_8065 web

Way to stick with it, Amber! I knew we could do it....eventually!


5 days old

Sweet Miss Baby M, at only 5 days old and full of newborn sweetness...
  IMG_7427 web2

There's nothing in the world like it...

IMG_7535 web2

She was wide awake, and I have to say, probably the LEAST cross-eyed newborn I've ever seen. Look at those perfect eyes! It's probably because she's going to be brilliant. I'm sure of it.

IMG_7137 web2

Love the baby toes sticking out!

IMG_7443 web2

IMG_7435 web2

Gotta love the WubbaNub! Why didn't they have these super cute pacifiers when my first baby was born??

IMG_7171 web2

I do love tiny, wrinkly baby feet!

IMG_7465 web2 Welcome to the world, sweet Baby Girl!